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Factory Cleaning Services

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Industrial Cleaning Services in Birmingham

Our Factory Cleaning Services

Factory environments are often busy, with all manner of dust, grime and contaminants building up over time. To help you maintain the high standards you expect at your site, RHR Cleaning Services can provide a full factory cleaning solution.

At RHR Cleaning services, we have experience in dealing with all types of cleaning issues that may arise; from oil and chemical spills to mould and refurbishment cleans, to factory roof, floor cleans and window cleaning.

We can ensure your valuable machinery and assets are preserved, keeping them free of debris. With high level cleaning and external cladding cleaning you can present a positive and clean look for your business.

What Is Factory Cleaning?

Factories can quickly become dirty and have dust build up from areas where it is a challenge to keep clean. With regular cleaning by experts using advanced high level cleaning techniques can ensure that even the toughest of areas are clean within your factory or industrial premises.

Any kind of dirt can be a hazard, from dust accumulating and potentially causing a fire, to greasy build-ups stopping machinery working effectively.

Along with high level cleaning service, regular deep cleans can ensure that all of your valuable machinery is kept clean and more easily maintained to ensure you meet audit standards and free of dust.

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment throughout your factory/industrial areas helps to both protect equipment from debris and contamination, and staff from hazardous environments.

Types of Industrial Premises Cleaned

Industrial Unit Cleaning in Birmingham

Industrial Units

Using our experienced cleaners and managers and the right chemicals, we will clean your industrial unit using industrial cleaning methods. We will clean your unit quickly & effectively letting your business operate smoothly & efficiently.
Factory Cleaning Services in Birmingham


We can provide regular cleaning to suit your business and our factory cleaning services will help eliminate unwanted dirt in hard to reach areas & surfaces. Our professional factory cleaning staff will have your facilities clean, hygienic and spotless.
Distribution Centre Cleaning Services in Birmingham

Distribution Centre

Distribution Centres are huge, open spaces, so you need a company that knows what it’s doing to get your unit as clean as possible. We can take care of floors and ceilings, walls, shelving and vents with our industrial cleaning equipment.
Eco Friendly Cleaning Services in Birmingham

Eco Friendly

RHR Cleaning Services has carefully selected natural, non-toxic cleaning products where possible and have found these to be as effective as chemical cleaners. We are confident that these products are healthier for you, your staff & the environment.

RHR Cleaning Services understands that a industrial or factory cleaning service is different to office or commercial cleaning services and that relevant cleaning is integral to the maintenance and safety of your business. We provide industrial cleaning services to companies in Birmingham that will keep a professional environment as clean as it should be – and doing so with the attention to detail that is so very important.

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Industrial Factory Cleaners

Industrial cleaners may work in a variety of different settings and will often clean multiple buildings of various types. Some industrial cleaners may need to be aware of hazards or cleaning standards in certain buildings. Regardless, most industrial cleaners perform these core responsibilities:

Clean departments & workshops, clean washrooms & staff canteens, clean car parking area's if required, carry out intruder vandalism damage, and identify and report potential hazards.

RHR Industrial or Factory Cleaning staff are able to work without supervision, will be fit enough to perform their allocated duties, be experienced, have personal integrity and be able to work to schedules.

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Our Factory & Industrial Cleaning Quality Assurance is an ongoing partnership with our customers, based on the implementing of approved procedures that are constantly monitored and responding quickly & effectively to our client's feedback and our inhouse monitoring.

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We are part of the Crown Group of Companies dedicated to providing a range of high quality, high value soft services to commercial & industrial business's throughout the Birmingham and West Midlands.

Crown Security Services

Our sister company Crown Security Services is an award winning SIA ACS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 accredited security company offering a wide range of security services in Birmingham, West Midlands and the UK.

To learn more about Crown Security Services, please contact direct on 0800 093 2383 or visit their website.

Crown FM Services

Our sister company Crown Facilities Management Services provides bundled (FM) or Facilities Management Services in Birmingham and The West Midlands.

To learn more about Crown Facilities Management Services, please contact direct on 0121 306 0121 or visit their website.

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We take great pride in the quality of services our group delivers. Below are the last three months of our group customer satisfaction survey results.

August 2019 - 95.6%

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