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Litter Picking Services in Birmingham

The difference a litter free area can make to people's first impression of your commercial premises is immense. Litter is one of the main factors of making an establishment look neglected, especially due to its relation with increased numbers of vermin and general poor hygiene.

Having RHR Cleaning Services provide a litter picking service to pick and remove the litter for you ensures a safe and environmentally friendly way of vastly improving your company image.

Whatever litter picking challenges you may be facing, or specific and unique services you require, RHR Cleaning Services has the right team to ensure your litter picking service is carried out to the highest standards.

Serving Birmingham, Worcester & The Midlands

Our Litter Picking Services provide solutions for your unique requirements. Each requirement will vary greatly depending on the size and scale of the project. Some events or jobs may require one hour a day, others may require several hours and may require full days. One task might require one litter picking steward, others may require 2 litter picking stewards and other may require a full team of 10 or more litter picking stewards.

The RHR Cleaning Services litter picking service can be used by commercial business owners, land owners, councils or event organisers. This quite often is required during and after an indoor or outdoor events such as a music festivals, street festivals or sporting events or managing agents of commercial property that requires managed land to be kept clean.

Our uniformed litter picking stewards are all fully trained and can be on-site throughout the build up, duration and after event, with constant litter picking and round the clock waste station emptying included as standard.

Whatever the size of your car park, event, indoor or outdoor, RHR Cleaning Services offer tailored solutions that is right for your event or festival litter picking and take away the pressure of dealing with the waste produced.

For a free, informal and no obligation quote for any of your litter picking requirements, please call us direct on 0121 558 4906 or just drop us an email.