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Choice of Window CLeaning Services in Birmingham & West Bromwich

Our Window Cleaning Services

At RHR Cleaning Services we provide a number of different access & window cleaning methods to suit all types of premises. Our window cleaning solutions offer a cost effective window cleaning service which fully meets with your window cleaning requirements.

Our window cleaning methods include traditional window cleaning for low level windows, water fed pole systems & high level window cleaning for windows that are not easily accessible.

Whatever window cleaning challenges you may be facing, or specific and unique services you require, RHR Cleaning Services has the right team to ensure your litter picking service is carried out to the highest standards.

Our Great Value Window Cleaning!

For a free, informal and no obligation results driven free quote for your window cleaning services, or if you simply want to have a chat about your cleaning, please call us on 0121 558 4906 or just drop us an .

Types Of Window Cleaning!

Traditional Window Cleaning Services

The traditional method of window cleaning is by far the best clean way of cleaning, as the windows are left clean and dry with any dirty water wiped away. This is done with the window cleaner applying a cleaning solution to the window with and applicator and then cleaning it off manually with the use of a squeegee, we then wipe down the window sill and edges with a clean cloth leaving a perfectly clean window every time.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Services

Using water fed poles (carbon fibre telescopic) for window cleaning is a lot quicker than using other access methods for window cleaning. Water fed poles for window cleaning allows RHR Cleaning Services to access external windows up to a height of 80ft easily and quickly giving our clients cost savings as well as health & safety benefits (so we are not working from a height).

Using this method may provide companies with cost savings compared to other window cleaning access methods.

High Level Window Cleaning Services

No matter how many windows your building has, over how many storeys – our window cleaning team will ensure that they’re always left sparkling clean. We do this by using a range of tried and tested techniques including using cherry pickers and the rope method with high-quality equipment, allowing us to reach any height with a selection of services.

Traditional Window Cleaning in Birmingham & West Bromwich


We can clean windows throughout the Birmingham & West Bromwich area's using traditional methods up to the 1st floor level. This is the best method for a thorough clean leaving your windows sparkling & squeaky clean.
Pole Window Cleaning in Birmingham & West Bromwich

Pole Systems

Water fed pole window cleaning uses the latest technology in pure water cleaning which has revolutionized the industry over recent years. The result is an effective and safer delivery of service without leaving the ground.
High Level Window Cleaning in Birmingham & West Bromwich

High Level

RHR Cleaning Services have access to a wide range of cherry pickers & scissor lifts, lorry mounted platforms and rope teams. Our teams are able to reach window heights in excess of 100 metres (300 ft) ensuring full access.
Benefits of RHR Window Cleaning Services


Choose from a wide range of reliable window cleaning services using a scheduling system to keep your window cleaning teams constantly informed in “real time” for the minimum of disruption to schedules.

For a free, informal and no obligation quote for any of your litter picking requirements, please call us direct on 0121 558 4906 or just drop us an email.

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Window Cleaning Quality Assured !

Our Window Cleaning Quality Assurance is an ongoing partnership with our customers, based on the implementing of approved procedures that are constantly monitored and responding quickly & effectively to our client's feedback and our inhouse monitoring.

Crown Group

We are part of the Crown Group of Companies dedicated to providing a range of high quality, high value soft services to commercial & industrial business's throughout the Birmingham and West Midlands.

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Our sister company Crown Security Services is an award winning SIA ACS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 accredited security company offering a wide range of security services in Birmingham, West Midlands and the UK.

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Crown FM Services

Our sister company Crown Facilities Management Services provides bundled (FM) or Facilities Management Services in Birmingham and The West Midlands.

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Quality Surveys 2019

We take great pride in the quality of services our group delivers. Below are the last three months of our group customer satisfaction survey results.

August 2019 - 95.6%

July 2019 - 98.6%

June 2019 - 98.6%